Animal Battle // The Enemy (Pronghorn)




The Enemy (Pronghorn)

22 x 15″


Another Beast of the Enemy (Fear).  I made a couple quick ink sketches before embarking on the final work to refine my super precise splatter techniques.  Kidding, of course, although I don’t know how I didn’t spray ink all over the negative spaces on accident.

I adapted this monster from a Pronghorn, which aren’t inherently evil creatures, but stick a few menacing lightening bolts and snorts that emit smoky tendrils into the picture and you’ve got a Creep on your hands.

ALSO – hey guys.  I’ve started collecting all of my Animal Battle soldiers in one place.  They look good hanging out together:


8 responses to “Animal Battle // The Enemy (Pronghorn)

  1. Love this one, Maryanna, especially the new spot where you have all of them hanging out together – what FUN!

  2. Great drawings!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Love it! And I love your too. You are the finest little wolf in the land!

  4. hey this is so beautiful and love them all:)

  5. Love your work!!!! *Cynthia

  6. Wow!! The detail is so beautiful, and the colours work so harmoniously… Amazing work! You are so super talented!

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