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NYC // Engagement

Last week was a vacation of sorts in New York.  The last time I was in the city seven years ago, my wallet was stolen and I wore a tiny mini-dress made of greeting cards (it’s a long story).

This time, I got engaged.

How I remained so utterly and wonderfully clueless up until the very moment Jake popped the question is a mystery in itself, but fortunately for me, it was all documented.

We waited for the subway to whisk us off towards Central Park to visit the Whitney.  The day before, I had gotten my first ever (EVAR!) fancy manicure.  UNAWARES.

Still clueless on Park Ave.  Hell, maybe even a little peeved looking.  (But really not peeved.  I think all you gals who know about “Bitch Face” know what I mean.)

At the Whitney, Jake turns down the offer to schedule a viewing of  Yayoi Kusama’s amazing installation at 4:30.  “BUT WHYYYYY?!” I pined.  It was the only reason I’d wanted to go there.

We go to Central Park.  It’s pretty dang beautiful out.  The leaves aren’t turning yet, not quite, but it’s still very Fall-ish.  Jake suggests we take out a row boat.  Of  course, I’m really like 6 years old, so I agreed.

We row.  We row all over that dang lake.  After some time, Jake suggests we find a quieter spot and sit for a moment.  When we do, I say that I’d like to row the boat for awhile.  Like now.  Can we go NOW?

I was so caught off guard when he finally asked, and after I said YES!, in the distance a band started to play.  He might have been a little shaky, I might have been a little teary-eyed.  It was pretty magical.

Jake had secretly planned an engagement photo session with our pal Tim Soter directly afterwards, at the High Line.  Looking back, I’m so grateful for Tim’s gentle coaxing and the perfect timing and planning.  It happened so fast, and we’re incredibly lucky to have Tim’s photos to remember this moment by.

Giant infinite high-fives to Tim Soter, and to all of our family and friends that have wished us well.  It truly means a lot.


Drink + Draw // August (NSFW)


(Yeah, there’s a tag I never use, but you’ll see why shortly)


We’re in the dog days of summer, and so we gathered on the hot patio of Apex, sweaty and sluggish, to draw some stuff and drink some beers.

Topic of discussion ranged from shark week to Batman, and took a turn for the worse when buddy Brian mentioned a restaurant experience that included a breast-feeding seven year old.  And…well, in my sketchbook…..well…..sorry.

Ahem.  Yes, here are my sketchbook drawings from this month.  Enjoy (?).

Join us in September, when we host yet another Drink & Draw event, same time, same place.  Keep your eyes peeled on the Internets when I announce the date.

As always, thanks to the kindly art folks that joined us, we greatly enjoy your company!

Drink + Draw // July

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!  Jake and I are happy to announce that we’ll be hosting the first Drink & Draw event in forevs!  Booze, pals, sketchbooks = good times.

Hope to see you there!

Marrow Mag | Part II

While documenting our home studio last month, Ryan of Marrow Mag took a lot of photographs that focused on our personal styles.  You can check out our profiles here & here.  Thanks to Ryan for taking such lovely photos!

Marrow Magazine

Ryan of Portland-centric online magazine, Marrow Mag, was kind enough to feature Jake & I at our home and in the studio.

Ryan is a pretty swell dude and we found we shared more than a few common interests.  He took a ton of photos with both digital and analog film, and he promises another feature or two to come.  Check out the post here!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.  Cheers!

Drink & Draw!

Yup!  Drink & Draw is back!

See you kids there.


WHAT!  2011 was awesome; as the year plodded steadily on I experienced a series of small accomplishments and adventures that I hope will build to an even more totes awesome new year in 2012.

Here’s why:

My solo show, Lost Pages, opened in January, to great success.


Eagle & Wolf hosted our first ever Drink & Draw at Apex in SE Portland!  Beers were imbibed!  Sketches were made!  And we still host the event monthly.


Jake & I finally moved from a cramped “shack” to a legitimate house, giving us the room to set-up a large studio.  (I still work on the couch with pizza crumbs all over my face.)

Also, we have a garage where we can keep our bikes clean and dry ((MAJOR BONUS!!)).  Also, a spare room to practice our primal screaming.


Shortly after, we hosted a Housewarming/Birthday party for which I made infused liquors along with custom labels.  So good!


Jake & I collaborated as Eagle & Wolf for a our first big public project.


I entered an illustration contest hosted by one of my favorite illustrators, Jillian Tamaki, and won!


In July, I celebrated my 30th birthday in style in the beautiful city of San Francisco.  Along with the fantastic dining, drinking, and Tenderloin….”adventures”, we were also fortunate enough to meet up with amazing artists Ward & Vivienne.  It was an eye-opening experience.






In October, I illustrated the cover for an issue of the Willamette Week.



After a photoshoot trip to the Oregon coast in September, months of hard work, & collaborating with good folks, Eagle & Wolf helped launch the Lemolo Baggage website.  Not only did we enjoy working with our dear friend Elias Grey,  it was also one of the best highlights of the year.


We hosted an epic Halloween party that was a complete mess.


I started making comics and became seriously addicted at a time when, uhhh, well, I don’t have much time to make them!  (Watch out, 2012.)


After a long two years, I finally went back to my desert homeland of Arizona and reconnected with family and friends.  Jake finally got to see “where I’m from” (a flat brown land of vast nothingness), and we soaked up some 70 degree sunshine.  Also, Sedona.


And finally, in September I found out I’d be showing at Guardino Gallery in 2012.  For the last few months I’ve been finger-painting stick figures like CRAZY!  See the news works, Sticks & Stones, this January.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that because of all my wonderful readers, this little blog here has, once again, experienced tremendous growth in the last year.  So, thank you, thanks for caring and for your curiousity and lovely comments.  Here’s hoping for big things in the new year!


Holiday Cards

I made the above illustration for this year’s Christmas cards.

Meowy Christmas, everyone!  Have a wonderful holiday.


We are literally ecstatic to finally announce the official launch of the Lemolo Baggage website!!

When Eli first approached Jake & I to help him launch his new line of bags, we knew we were in for something special.  It’s been months in the making, with trips to the beach, motorcycle rides, and collaborating with amazing people to pull this all off.

Special thanks to our photographer Dylan Long, contributing photographer Tim Roth,  our LookBook models and real-life buddies, and to our web developer Taylor Eke.

So take a look around, and browse the shop!


December Drink & Draw

This month’s flyer was designed by Jake.

See you guys there.